Monday, October 27, 2014

Day two

Everyone was pretty strong.  Finished a little tired and tender, but that's expected.  As Mike and I discussed, even if the legs are strong, after ninety miles you are a little sore in all the points bearing your weight.  But, we all finished together with smiles on our faces.  There was one point today where I was a bit concerned, I wasn't feeling 100% after lunch and too much water.  I was riding along and started feeling like I was having vertigo or something.  It took me a second to realize that my tire was going flat.  The team was right on point.  It was like a professional bike race.  I raised my hand and they were swarming on me before my bike or the truck was completely stopped.  It went so smoothly that I was kinda tickled and actually enjoyed having a flat tire.
The scenery is changing too.  Amidst the ultra flat land and rice paddies, there are these rock formations that rise steeply several hundred feet.  The roadside vendors are looking a little different and there have been some interesting vehicles along SuperHighway 1.  The median and roadside are naturally beautiful.  I'm not sure if they were planted that way, but if we were in the US, you'd go out of your way for this 'scenic route'  I think the Thai drivers are so much more attentive to what's going on.  There's scooters, cars, tractor-like vehicles, tandem tractor trailers, and other vehicles all travelling the same roads, but somehow flowing seemlessly in a way that you just won't see stateside.  Maybe it's the lack of electronic distractions or I'd say it's more likely that they're just more polite and less self-serving in their driving.
It was another good day with divine appointments.  We stand out in our blue and yellow bike shorts and we've had requests for photos and Suphot doesn't let an opportunity pass, so we've made some connections...and that's part of the mission: to leave footprints for Him wherever we go.

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