Saturday, October 25, 2014

Breakfast, boiling table tops, bad translations, and we begin!

First full day in Thailand was pretty fun.  Had a fantastic breakfast of pad thai, various fruits, yogurt, oat, eggs, bacon, and some excellent coffee.  Nathan took Bobby up on his challenge of eating durian.  I've heard it described as smelling like rotten feet, week old garbage, etc.  Personally I thought it smelled like an area that a cat had repeatedly marked.  Upon trying it, he liked it...a lot. I think he finished the bowl.  He did say later that the burps were pretty unappealing.  For dinner Bobby, Taylor, and I went to the Hot Pot Buffet where you select various soup ingredients and put them in a pot that's built into the table and boil them into a soup.  We are not soup pros, at least not with unfamiliar Thai ingredients.  Once it started boiling, it began growing.

After dinner we walked down the street a little ways and looked at the street market where one could purchase anything from squid, to Hello Kitty socks, to pad locks, and various shirts with messages apparently lost in translation.
For Thankful
Haha!  That's just what I was thinking!

Well, tomorrow the work begins.  We assembled the bikes and it appears they all made it over the ocean in perfect condition.  Very thankful for that.  I'm not sure how many miles we have to do, but I don't suppose it matters; we're all going to pedal until they tell us we're done or we just can't go any longer.  I'm sure the other riders have been asked the same question, but the most common question when I've told folks what we're doing is, "Are you nervous about riding that far?"  The answer is that I'm not.  This is the one aspect that I know how to prepare and train for.  The only thing I know about anything else on the itinerary is what I've been told from others.  (They have been 100% accurate thus far, by the way!)  But, I've been pretty skinny most of my life and I've always loved riding bikes, so I can finally put that to use, and tomorrow we ride for Him.

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